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My Gov Guru

A Division of My PR Guru, LLC


My Gov Guru

A Division of My PR Guru, LLC

Do your citizens know all the good things you're doing?

"Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.  He who molds public sentiment makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed."

Are your successes being handicapped by an uninformed public?

Does the media only cover your city's car accidents, crimes or scandals?

Are your good stories being ignored by the media?

Worse, are your good stories filtered through media "spin?"

My Gov Guru has been doing municipal communications for over a decade.  We help you take control of your message.


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The campaign is just beginning on election day

The campaign is just beginning on election day

Public relations are a key component of any operation in this day of instant communications and rightly inquisitive citizens.
— Former U.S. Ambassador Alvin Adams

You're a public official.  Don't forget the public that put you there.


Election Day isn't the end of communicating with voters. It's just the beginning!

You've campaigned so hard telling people what you want to do.  Now that you're there, you need to work just as hard telling them what you are doing.

How will the public know if you're keeping your promises?  How can you increase support for the hard work you're doing?

Public officials, both elected and appointed, need to ensure constituents stay informed.

Make sure residents know you're spending their tax dollars properly.  

My Gov Guru takes an aggressive, campaign-style approach to municipal communications.  

You made sure they supported you on Election Day.

My Gov Guru makes sure they support you in office.


Even Good Governments Do Bad PR

Even Good Governments Do Bad PR

Without publicity there can be no public support, and without public support every nation must decay.
— Former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli

If you don't tell your government's story, someone else will.


How do your constituents know what their government is up to?

Do they hear it directly from you, or are your success stories filtered through the eyes of bias bloggers, website commentators, naysayers, editorial writers or critics?

You need to speak DIRECTLY to your residents.   My Gov Guru gives you the tools to reach your constituents.

Your message.




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Your biggest challenge is what we do best

Your biggest challenge is what we do best

Content is king!
— Microsoft Founder Bill Gates

It can be summed up in one word: Content.


You want to know what government workers do really well?  Their work!

Government workers routinely do more in less time and with less resources.  But because they are busy doing their jobs, they don't have time to find good, positive content to share with the public.

That's My Gov Guru's specialty.  We scour your city, county, town, or village for the stories that go untold...and then we tell them. We find the content. Then we find creative ways to share it. Let My Gov Guru be your beat reporter.


Easy, instant, turnkey Communications Department

Easy, instant, turnkey Communications Department

My Gov Guru: Your turnkey Communications Department


From newsletters to news releases.  Press conferences to town halls.  Social media to special events.

My Gov Guru has over a decade of creative, effective municipal communications experience.

Let us become your no muss, no fuss, affordable communications department.





  • Municipal Communications

    • Resident Outreach
    • Town Halls
    • Legislative Updates
    • Multiple Platform Campaigns
  • Community Outreach

  • Public Relations

  • Political Campaign Communications

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Crisis Management

  • Lobbying

  • Content Creation

    • Newsletters
    • Blogs
    • Social Media Posts
    • Press Releases
    • Web Content
    • Editorial Copy
  • Media Outreach

  • Reputation Protection

  • Strategic Planning

  • Media Training

  • C-Suite Coaching

  • Marketing / Graphic Design

  • Video Production


Start improving your government communications today

Start improving your government communications today

Let My Gov Guru be Your PR Guru.

Take control of your news today!

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